Two black mamba snakes captured in South Africa home in two days


Police and reptile wranglers responded to a South African home twice in two days when the homeowner discovered black mamba snakes inside the house.

Reaction Unit South Africa said officers responded Tuesday to a home in Emona where residents discovered a venomous black mamba behind the milk crate being used as a TV stand in their living room.

RUSA summoned snake catcher Samantha Cumming to the scene and she was able to safely capture the snake and relocate it to a reptile park.

RUSA said officers returned to the home Wednesday when the homeowner discovered a second black mamba lurking in a bedroom. The second snake was captured by local reptile wrangler Jason Arnold after it also made its way to the back of a TV cabinet.

The second snake was released into the wild a safe distance away from the home, RUSA said.